About the Golf Industry’s Leading Custom Club Fitting Company

Cool Clubs is the largest independent club fitting organization in the world.

We have sites all over the globe with plans for additional growth worldwide. Cool Clubs is not affiliated with any club manufacturer, which means we fit our clients with the equipment that performs best for them. This performance-based custom club fitting allows you to improve your golf.

We have fitting studios across the U.S., as well as in several other countries. In the United States, our headquarters is located in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Mark Timms

Cool Clubs CEO

Mark Timms, founder and CEO of Cool Clubs, has been a golf enthusiast for most of his life. After playing competitively in college and graduating with a degree in finance, economics and computer science, he co-founded Custom Golf of Connecticut in 1990. At the time, it was one of the only custom club fitting companies in the country.

After a decade of success, he saw an opportunity to take his golf expertise to the next level. In 2000, he moved his family across the country to Scottsdale, AZ, and founded Hot Stix Golf. 

Hot Stix Golf quickly became the “go to” spot to get fitted. The huge success led to Mark starting his first software and independent club testing company called Hot Stix Technologies in 2004. Before Mark left in 2006, the software technology was widely used by industry professionals to fit their clients into better performing equipment. 

Using his 20+ previous years of experience, combined with the latest state-of-the-art technology, Mark set out to offer the ultimate experience in club fitting, founding Cool Clubs in July 2007. The new company quickly became a phenomenon with it’s unique, independent and unbiased approach to club fitting. Cool Clubs has expanded its reach worldwide and continues to grow more and more each day. Mark’s passion for the game, combined with his dedication to give all golfers access to the best equipment possible, has helped thousands of people Play Better Golf℠ .

Mark Timms Cool Clubs CEO

Cool Clubs Is Now Part Of The Worldwide Golf Family!

We express our sincere gratitude to our loyal customers and friends who have supported Cool Clubs and Hot Stix for over two decades. Our journey began in Connecticut with Custom Golf of CT, and in 2000, we ventured to Arizona, where we pioneered the first large-scale fitting operation, Hot Stix. In 2007, we expanded further by launching Cool Clubs, and in 2020, we reunited with Hot Stix. Many of our dedicated employees have been with us since the beginning and their commitment to our mission of helping people “Play Better Golf” has been instrumental in our growth. 

Our firm belief in the power of technology to determine the best clubs for players has been a driving force in our journey. We started early, acquiring our first launch monitor in the mid-90s when they were primarily used for research and development by large OEMs. Today, we employ advanced tools such as robots and our patented S3 machine to meticulously test club heads and shafts. This data forms the core of our fitting software, enabling our experienced fitters to discern the exact differences between various heads and shafts and recommend the best combinations for individual players.

Crafting the perfect club is only part of the equation, and we have made significant investments in our production capabilities. Our builders take meticulous care, whether crafting clubs for tour players or beginners. We document and scrutinize every club’s specifications, conducting thorough quality control checks to ensure excellence. This commitment is why over 100 PGA tour players have chosen Cool Clubs for their personal club customization needs.

Our ultimate goal is to help as many people as possible “Play Better Golf.” Through our merger with Worldwide Golf, we’re excited to bring our expertise to a broader audience. While Cool Clubs offers comprehensive fittings lasting over four hours, we recognize that not everyone needs or wants that level of experience. Worldwide Golf locations will enable us to reach a wider audience, offering various levels of fitting to assist more individuals in improving their game.

Though I will continue to oversee Cool Clubs, this partnership with Worldwide Golf will provide essential support in areas such as HR, Finance, Marketing, and much more. This will allow me to dedicate more time to testing clubs and shafts and developing innovative fitting software. Whether you opt for a full fitting at a Cool Clubs facility, a shorter fitting at a Worldwide Golf store, or a forthcoming Virtual Fitting, rest assured that our expertise in testing shafts and heads is integrated into our recommendations. We are eager to explore new golf technologies, including AI, to enhance our fitting process and expand our educational efforts through podcasts to empower golfers in making informed decisions about their equipment.

The decision to merge with Worldwide Golf was significant, and after two months, we are confident it was the right move. We’re excited to announce the opening of several new Cool Clubs facilities in the next six months, and by the end of 2024, our cutting-edge fitting software will be available in most Worldwide Golf locations. Unlike most mergers driven solely by financial gain, we believe this partnership is a genuine win-win opportunity. Worldwide Golf will streamline our operations, and we will reciprocate by enhancing the capabilities of their talented fitters and training new ones. Our life’s purpose is to help people “Play Better Golf,” whether they are tour professionals or beginners, and with Worldwide Golf, we are poised to reach a more extensive and diverse audience. The entire Cool Clubs team is thrilled to become a part of the Worldwide Golf family, and we eagerly anticipate assisting golfers of all levels on their journey to improvement!


 Mark Timms and the entire Cool Clubs team

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