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Just a note to say ‘Thanks!’ I’ve had the new clubs out on the course a few times now, and am really enjoying them. My ball striking has noticeably improved. It feels like I’m an extra 15 yards with the driver, and an extra 10-15 with the fairway woods and hybrids.

I’m getting an extra 3-4 yards on each of the irons. I’m also seeing truer ball flights, and much more air under the ball which is fun to see and feel, and I’m getting softer landings on the greens. I’m now able to hit my “Money Club,” the 5 iron, confidently.


The new driver is preforming great. With a golf lesson to adjust my grip and set-up I’m getting an extra 10-20 yards. Also, much less variation in my ball flight. More fairways hit and shorter shots to the green! My handicap is down 2 strokes and I’m not buying my opponents as many cocktails as in the past.

Thanks for your expertise in analyzing my needs. You and Cool Clubs are worth every penny. I’ll see you for a new fairway wood in the fall.

Jim K.

The new driver is preforming great. With a golf lesson to adjust my grip and set-up I’m getting an extra 10-20 yards. Also, much less variation in my ball flight. More fairways hit and shorter shots to the green! My handicap is down 2 strokes and I’m not buying my opponents as many cocktails as in the past.

Thanks for your expertise in analyzing my needs. You and Cool Clubs are worth every penny. I’ll see you for a new fairway wood in the fall.

Jim K.

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Cool Clubs is like Christmas morning! If my game doesn’t improve after these clubs, I’m hopeless.

Cathy W.

Irvine Master Club Fitter Receives Kudos!

The professional fitting you provided was an amazing experience. I know my game will be influenced in an exceptional manner with the new set of clubs.

Thanks again for your World Class service!

David A.

Cool Clubs is a fantastic fitter! The previous driver shaft I purchased from another company was a total mistake. Basically, the shaft was similar to swinging a 2×4. Additionally, the original shaft I was using with my TaylorMade driver (my regular gamer) was off as well, so I was missing left due to the early kick-point. My mistake not coming to Cool Clubs earlier!

Cool Clubs built me a Fujikura Ventus Black with all frequencies dialed in and the shaft was ready the next day. Net-net, the data don’t lie. John provided a great experience and his HONESTY wasn’t a sales pitch, but about helping me play better golf. This was a Level 1 emergency for me, and Cool Clubs didn’t disappoint.

Justin H.

Played my first round today with the new irons. They are spectacular!!! You did a great job!! Looking forward to the new wedges!!

Thanks again!!

Doug B.

Hi there, I just wanted to pass along a bit of feedback from my fitting with Clare Cornelius at the San Francisco Mariner’s Point location yesterday.

Clare had previously fitted me for clubs ~3.5 years ago, and when I made the decision to re-up again this year I never even thought about going elsewhere. Once again, Clare delivered. She was incredibly friendly and professional, and provided invaluable insight and advice throughout the entire process.

I cannot speak highly enough about Clare or the CoolClubs process in general, and it’s certainly where I plan to get my clubs for years to come.

Tom P.

Made my first swings with the new sticks at California Country Club this morning. First swing with the Driver went 265, and I hit all 14 fairways in regulation. Wow. Hybrids working as hoped as well.

I am super happy with the sticks !!! Thanks again for a great fitting !!!

Bill F.

Cool Clubs at Cartersville Country Club, Georgia

Pete was fantastic. A true professional who is personable, knowledgeable and just a pleasure to be around. Appreciate the service and look forward to working more with him in the future.

Michael L.

I love Cool Clubs! I have been a customer for over 10 years and I could not possibly play golf confidently without knowing I was swinging a club fit for me at Cool Clubs. Additionally, I have enjoyed getting to know my fitter, Chris, who makes great recommendations, knows my swing and my limitations. He also does a good job balancing performance and cost and I know Chris will never try to put me into more expensive equipment just to “sell me”. I have total trust in the fitters and the process. While it comes with a little premium cost, it’s a MUST for an avid golfer. Thanks Cool Clubs.

Tyler W.

My fitter was John Singletary, and he made the experience absolutely fantastic. Cool Clubs is a great concept but like ALL companies they are dependent on their employees to execute the company’s vision and mission statement. John did this exceptionally well, let’s say John hit a “hole in one!”

J. K.

I have nothing more than glowing reviews to share with you in my recent experience with Sue. She was beyond professional, very knowledgeable and friendly. She certainly made me comfortable as well, which is vital for a fitting like this.

I was blown away from start to finish. Looking forward to getting the clubs!


Ben J.

I had a blast! Justin is awesome and genuinely appreciated the natural gift that is my golf swing. None of my buddies know how blessed they are to get to play with me and witness the poetry. But now, with the perfect weapons, shafts that are actually long enough and the proper level of stiffness, oh boy! Watch out. Looking forward to the snow melting and the great unveiling of the new “cool clubs”!

Todd W.

I wanted to write to give as much praise as I can to Clare over at the San Francisco location. Over the last three years she has fitted me for irons twice, a putter and finally on Saturday I was able to do a driver fitting with her. She is always thorough and never skips a step during the fitting process.

My wife paid for me to get a driver fitting at Club Champion last year because she wanted to surprise me. And man it is night and day difference between them and Clare. They wasted half the session figuring out driver length because they didn’t measure my driver. I told them I like heavy swing weights because I’m 6’8 and my irons are always heavy like generics. The guy kept handing me light drivers and couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t time them. Three of their fitting heads broke. And, to top it off, he recommended a setup with the lowest smash factor!

Brandon T.

My feedback is all positive!

Great experience and very professional! I was a little anxious and concerned about my level of play before I got there, but the experience was amazing!

Bryan M.

Allen did an excellent job. He gave me a entire tour of the plant, I was left totally amazed. The fittings experience was very informative, and exact on point. Allen left no question unanswered. I have had other fittings done at the TPC in Jacksonville, Florida. Allen is by far the most professional and most knowledgeable of any fitter I have ever worked with. I will recommend Cool Clubs to any of my Students and Members that are in the area of your facilities as a must for a fitting.

Ron S. - PGA

Received the new clubs on Thursday. Played yesterday and practiced today. LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for your help in improving my game. Looking forward much to using them for many games to come.

Red B.

I thought you would like to hear an update on my game since our fitting session on March 5 of this year. My GHIN at the time I received my clubs was 8.5 – it currently sits at 4.7 with a low of 4.4 this season.

Not only am I scoring better and playing much more consistent golf, the swing itself seems so much LESS stressful on my body (especially my back)! Also, my ‘misses’ are much more manageable.

One quick golf story. The first time I hit the new hybrid was on our signature hole, a par 3, 220 yards downhill, to an island green during our first big men’s club tournament. I knocked it to 6 inches, won the Closest-to-the-Pin, a Gross Skin and a Net Skin (about $430 total)! I would have won 1st Place Net in the first flight if I didn’t take a quadruple bogey on the 36th hole!!

Jim F

I want to send you a follow up email. Thank you for setting me up with the Fujikura driver shaft. Before my fitting, I would routinely lose 1-2 drives out-of-bounds per round. In the last 5 rounds I’ve put only 1 ball OB.

My gambling buddies hate the new shaft!

Ian I.

Hope you are doing well! The new clubs have been so amazing. The combination of playing more with correctly fitted clubs has dropped my handicap by about 4 strokes and my driver is consistently 20 yards longer. I knew it would be a big difference trading in 20-year old clubs that were not fit for me, but they are doing better than I expected.

Thank you,

Chris D.

Finally got to the golf course today. The new 4-wood is amazing! I’ve never hit so straight consistently.

Thanks so very much.

Michael B.

Just wanted to give you the update on my beautiful new clubs. Amazing!!! Flight, distance and accuracy improved with all clubs. The sound that comes off the driver is amazing, seems like I use the word too much but it fits the whole process.

Thanks again for an amazing experience with game-changing results.

Gary B.

Far and away the best fitting I’ve ever had! I’ve purchased five sets of clubs after five fittings from four different fitters over the past 12-14 years. All of my past fitters did a great job. But, the depth of analysis and explanations Mike gave, as well as helpful suggestions for swing corrections that he detected, were very useful to me. I have already made changes to my swing that are helping me with my old clubs as I wait, anxiously, for my new bag full!!

I like the Cool Club software and am a very technical guy myself so I appreciate Mike’s application of your software to my individual needs as the fitting progressed. Mike is a gem!!

Walt P.

Played yesterday and all I have to say is WOW. I hit 12 fairways and 2 others were close. Hit it 10-15 yards longer and that got me to fairways on dog legs that I normally end up in the neck of the turn in the rough.

Felt solid on every shot. I didn’t tell my buddies until the end of the round about my fitting and they all kind of looked at me like, “Gosh, I should have one of those.” Sheepish looks from your partners are GREAT. And, I played well, too (80).

Bottom line: thanks for a great fitting job. You really know your stuff!

Gary A.

Cool Clubs and Josiah Solberg are the best in the business. They literally changed my golf game and dropped my handicap six strokes in less than three months. You should set up an appointment with them as soon as you possibly can!


Gary A.

Thank you for sending all my fitting info including the Big Bertha vs. Maverick comparable specs and evaluation.

I have great respect for Cool Clubs methodology and you personally. Your knowledge, insight and ability to quickly analyze is impressive and translates immediately into my game progress and objectives. It is always a pleasure to work with you.

I also appreciate that your entire team (I worked with John earlier in the week on the putter) is not married to a particular brand, with Cool Clubs’ sincere goal of matching the best product to us golfers and our unique attributes.

You all are true “pros” at your craft. I remain a loyal Cool Clubs customer and would recommend you to all skill level of golfers.

Jeff H.

My goal was to shoot my age before I’m 70. Well, these new clubs are working! Today I did it! I shot a 69 this afternoon. I hit 15 greens in regulation and two of the other three were in the fringe. I love these new sticks! As you might guess, I am elated. As a retired teacher I take great joy hearing from former students, so I want you to know that what you are doing made a big difference in my game. I also want you to know how much I appreciate your help. It was a delight to work with you. I love this game!

Jim M.

Cool Clubs has always been considered the top fitter in the Golf World. Once again Cool Clubs and Justin Nelson showed their magic in my last fitting session.

I have played golf for 60 years and I am now 68 years young. My new clubs have accomplished the following:

Gave me ten yards longer with every iron

Gave me fifteen yards longer with my driver and three wood.

Yesterday shot my lowest score ever on 9 holes……..31 (5 under par)!

I can’t thank your team enough. As I get older, Cool Clubs just makes me better.

Bob P.

I have been coming to see Justin for almost 20 years.  As always my fitting this past week was amazing.  Not only do I consider him a good friend but I also trust his expertise in the golf club industry.  Because of this I try to refer as many folks as I can who are looking to have a fitting to him.  Justin is the reason I keep coming back to Cool Clubs.  You folks are lucky to have him!!!!

Robert W.

I wanted to let you know that I used my new driver last week. Wow, what a difference it makes with a good fitting. I thought that my Roger Dunn fitting would work, but not even close. You guys are on top of your game.

Alan W.

I enjoyed my experience immensely! Sue O’Connor is absolutely the best and so attentive and positive and I just enjoyed every minute of my experience with you all!

Thank you Cool Clubs!

Erin G.

I would like to personally email you and just thank you as well as tell you how amazing Chris Thomas is and just the whole experience was absolutely outstanding. I don’t know where to really start, but I guess I should just first off thank you guys for allowing me to come get fitted and just very grateful and appreciative for letting me come in.

I have to say as a golf professional and just a golf nerd I was absolutely over the moon about the whole experience and the studio you all have is by far the best setup I have ever seen or experienced. Chris Thomas was nothing short of fantastic, he was so very knowledgable and so professional it was a true honor to be fitted by someone so passionate about what he does and how he carries himself. I was surprised and very pleased how fast I got my new clubs and have already gone out and hit a few balls and very very happy with how the ball flies outside. Again I am very thankful and grateful for all the work that all your staff did and please let me know if I can ever do anything for you all! Thank you very for your time and hope you all have a wonderful and safe holiday season!

Austin W. - PGA

I want to take a minute and express my sincere appreciation for Mike D’Orazio.

He did an outstanding job going through all the options available. He explained in detail the impacts of the different combinations of shafts/club heads. He never rushed through any portion of our time together. He was very knowledgeable, professional and had a real passion for what he was doing.

I wanted you to know what a great job he did. Looking forward to getting my new clubs and improving my game. Feel free to call me if you have any questions

Tom B.

With Cool Clubs, those who improve…


Improve by 1-5 yards


Improve by 6-10 yards


Improve by 11-20+ yards

With Cool Clubs, those who improve…


Improve by 1-5 yds


Improve by 6-10 yds


Improve by 11-20+ yds