Technology that works for Amateurs and Professionals

Cool Clubs builds all clubs in-house in a clean, dust-free state-of-the-art facility in accordance with the highest quality standards in the industry. This allows us to provide golf clubs built with care and attention to detail, ensuring players achieve the benefits predicted by our expert fitters.

All Cool Clubs measuring equipment located in each of our worldwide facilities is calibrated to exact specifications. This means when we talk about a loft, lie or shaft characteristic with any other Cool Clubs facility, we know the club will be custom built exactly as the local fitter has recommended to match the customer’s need.

Cool Clubs proprietary shaft testing machine, S3 (Shaft Simulation System) gives us more information about golf shafts than anyone has ever had, making Cool Clubs the world leader in golf club shaft data collection and analysis. To ensure our measurements are exact, we built our own top-of-the-line shaft analysis machine, the S3, which allows all new shafts to be automatically checked and analyzed for conformance to specifications of over 100,000 measurements. Only those that pass make it into our builds.


With Cool Clubs, those who improve…


Improve by 1-5 yards


Improve by 6-10 yards


Improve by 11-20+ yards